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Principal Investigator

Dr. San has been an assistant professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at OSU since 2015.  He received his bachelors in aeronautical engineering from Istanbul Technical University in 2005, his masters in aerospace engineering from Old Dominion University in 2007, and his Ph.D. in engineering mechanics from Virginia Tech in 2012. He worked as a postdoc at Virginia Tech from 2012-'14, and then from 2014-'15 at the University of Notre Dame, Indiana. He is a recipient of U.S. Department of Energy 2018 Early Career Research Program Award in Applied Mathematics. His field of study is centered upon the development, analysis and application of advanced computational methods in science and engineering with a particular emphasis on fluid dynamics across a variety of spatial and temporal scales. His Erdős number is 4.

Omer San, PhD

Associate Professor

415 Dougherty Engineering Bldg.

Mechanical, Aerospace, and Biomedical Engineering

The University of Tennessee

1512 Middle Dr, Knoxville, TN 37996

Phone: (865) 974-5115


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Dr. San is an Associate Professor of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Tennessee Knoxville. Previously, he served as a faculty member at Oklahoma State University, where he taught graduate and undergraduate courses in engineering mathematics, computational methods, numerical analysis, data assimilation, and computational fluid dynamics. He holds a PhD in Engineering Mechanics from Virginia Tech. His primary research focuses on the development, analysis, and application of advanced computational methods in science and engineering, with a special emphasis on hybrid physics-AI/ML approaches in fluid dynamics, addressing methodological foundations. Dr. San received the U.S. Department of Energy 2018 Early Career Research Program Award for his work in scientific machine learning algorithms for multiscale closure modeling of turbulent flows. He has been a PI or co-PI on research grants from the DOE, NSF, NASA, ASHRAE, OCAST, the Research Council of Norway, and the NVIDIA Corporation. His work has been recognized through several awards and nominations, including the OSU 2022 Distinguished Early Career Faculty Award and CEAT 2020 Excellent Scholar Award.

Current Group   

Bipin Tiwari

PhD Student, UTK MABE

Join the team!

We do have possible openings for prospective graduate students interested in broad areas of fluid dynamics, numerical analysis, data assimilation, model reduction, machine learning and computing. If interested in joining us on Rocky Top, please send an email to Dr. Omer San. 



Romit Maulik

PhD 2019, OSU MAE

Google Scholar

Data-driven sub-grid model development for large eddy simulations of turbulence

Recipient of the CEAT 2018 Outstanding Graduate Student Award 

Recipient of the 2019 Margaret Butler Fellowship Award; joined Argonne National Laboratory

Shady E. Ahmed

PhD 2022, OSU MAE

Google Scholar

Model-data fusion in digital twins of large scale dynamical systems

Recipient of the CEAT 2022 Outstanding Graduate Student Award

Recipient of the 2022 PNNL Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowship Award; joined Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Suraj Pawar

PhD 2022, OSU MAE

Google Scholar

Physics-guided machine learning for turbulence closure and reduced order modeling

Recipient of the CEAT 2021 Outstanding Graduate Student Award

Joined Shell Global Solutions, Houston as an Artificial Intelligence Engineer


Shafi Romeo  

MS 2023, OSU MAE

Google Scholar

Nonlinear system discovery and machine learning for dynamical systems

Daniel Carne  

MS 2021, OSU MAE

Google Scholar

Design optimization methods for additively manufactured natural convection heatsinks

Co-supervised with Dr. Aaron Alexander

Harsha Vaddireddy

MS 2020, OSU MAE 

Google Scholar

Identification of physical processes via data driven methods

Mashfiqur Rahman

MS 2019, OSU MAE

Google Scholar

Reduced order modeling of geophysical flows using physics-based and data-driven modeling techniques

Mansoor Ahmed

MS 2019, OSU MAE

Google Scholar

Numerical investigation of air mixer performance for HVAC testing applications

Wesley Glenn

MS 2017, OSU MAE

Reduced order modeling of cardiovascular flows: fluid-structure interactions and constitutive modeling

BS Students

Jack Cook

BS 2019, OSU MAE

Recipiant of CEAT 2019 Undergraduate Research Scholarship

Nick Nelsen

BS 2018, OSU MAE

Recipient of the NSF 2018 Graduate Research Fellowships Program (GRFP); joined Caltech